wantagh woods chiropracticCan chiropractic care help me?

Dr. Rosinsky looks at your overall health, focusing not only on your spine, but on your lifestyle as well.  This holistic approach to wellness helps determine the best treatment for your problem.  If you don’t currently have a health problem, regular chiropractic care can help you avoid developing one.

What causes disc problems?

Discs are the soft but strong cushions that separate the bones (vertebrae) in your spine and absorb shock as you move.  Sudden forceful moves, an injury or repeated stress over time can damage discs and irritate the nerves around them.  Irritated nerves can be manifest in pain, numbness or tingling in your back, legs, feet, neck, arms or hands.

I’ve been told that I have spinal degeneration. How would Dr. Rosinsky treat my condition?

A doctor of chiropractic is trained to improve the health of your spine.  Special chiropractic methods, called adjustments can help relieve pain and slow degeneration.

What are some of the causes of spinal problems?

Basically, there are three causes of subluxations; physical, chemical and emotional.  Injury, poor posture, or a problem from birth can put stress on the spine.  This stress causes wear and tear at the joints where the vertebrae meet.  You may develop pain and stiffness or have no symptoms  at all until the spine is permanently damaged. Regular chiropractic care can decrease the likelihood of these problems developing.

Why should Dr. Rosinsky treat my child?

It’s important for your child to grow up with a healthy spine.  Dr. Rosinsky has a special interest in pediatric chiropractic patients since she was injured as an adolescent and recovered from the injury through chiropractic care.  Early spinal exams by a chiropractor may help prevent many health problems later in life.