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Neck and Arm Pain

neck-painguyI came to Dr. Rosinsky with a pain extending from my neck to the middle of my right arm.  Driving was extremely uncomfortable and sleeping was almost impossible.  Low back pain was something I dealt with constantly because as a floor sander, I was always bent over.  From the neck and arm pain, I tried hot packs, Ben Gay and all types of ointments, but to no avail.  Not being a pill taker, I made an appointment to see Dr. Rosinsky at my wife’s urging.

At my initial examination I learned that the REAL problem was subluxations in my spine.  For the first time in my life, I kept doctor’s appointments three times a week.  The relief was remarkable!  My low back pain doesn’t plague me, the neck and arm pain gradually decreased to nothing, I can breathe again (Chiropractic is great for sinuses too!) and I just plain feel GOOD!

-Darrell L.


I suffer from a condition known as endometriosis, which causes severe abdominal cramps.  I have been examined by various doctors over the years, had two operations and have taken medications to help alleviate the pain.

Recently, I met Dr. Rosinsky after hearing her lecture on “Wellness.”  She convinced me that chiropractic care could help me.  After less than two months of adjustments, I have experienced remarkable results.  My pain has subsided tremendously.  In addition, I am learning better nutrition habits and how to handle stress more effectively.

Dorothy F.

Ankle Injury

While on the job, I slipped on an object and twisted my ankle.  The next morning, I could not walk.  I had leg pain and lower back pain since then.  I had been to several types of doctors.  After two months of constant pain and NO success, I gave up.  Through word of mouth, I heard about Dr. Rosinsky and decided to go see her.

Dr. Rosinsky not only found a problem in the area of my lumbar spine that caused my back, leg and ankle pain, but she also asked if I ever had a problem with my stomach.  I NEVER told her I had an ulcer, but she had found a problem in the T6 and T7 area, where the nerves that communicate with the stomach exit the spine. Years of prescription ulcer medication had done nothing, but after months of chiropractic care, all my pain is gone and I am back to doing the activities I enjoy such as scuba diving, but most of all, chiropractic released my body’s natural healing ability and allowed my ulcers to heal as well.

Dominick S.


I had never thought about going to a chiropractor until I began to have problems with my sinuses.  Over the course of three months, I was either taking antibiotics or antihistamines due to my sinuses.  I even had to take a few days off from work because I felt so lousy.  My mother suggested that I look into going to a chiropractor.  She said a friend of hers had the same problem, but after going to a chiropractor, her sinus problems went away.  So, I looked in the yellow pages and found Dr. Rosinsky.

I started to see Dr. Rosinsky for an adjustment three times a week and almost immediately started to feel better.  I could actually feel my sinuses draining.  I went down to two times a week, and now once a week for an adjustment.  I have not had one sinus infection since I started going to Dr. Rosinsky.

-Carol M.

Stomach Pain – Pediatric

When I started chiropractic care, I had severe stomach pains.  I had gone to doctors who said it was nothing or gave me some pills, but nothing worked.  One of my friends had the same problem and went to a chiropractor for it, so I thought it was worth a try.

In the first two weeks the stomach pains got less and less and finally I didn’t have them anymore.  Dr. Rosinsky also put me on a nutritional diet that helped my stomach stay painless.

I am a violinist.  My stomach pains didn’t interfere with my music, but they did interfere with my school attendance.  I was in such pain I could hardly walk.  I had missed about three weeks of school before I came for chiropractic help.  About one week after I started going to Dr. Rosinsky, I was back in school.

I think some people are scared that a chiropractor will hurt them, but it doesn’t.  after I leave the chiropractor, I feel great!!!

-Karen M.

Back Pain – Pregnancy

Being a hairdresser, I always had a problem with my back from standing all day, but I never allowed myself time to visit a chiropractor.  Once I became pregnant, the pain in my lower back became more severe.  I tried massage and heating pads, but nothing seemed to improve my condition.

After complaining to my doctor for three months, he suggested I see a chiropractor.  Through some friends of mine whom I work with, I was referred to Dr. Barbara Rosinsky.  After a few visits, the pain improved 90%.  I left her office feeling like a new person.  I never thought that in such a short period of time the pain in my lower back would be gone.

-Camille A.


I have suffered with sciatica intermittently for the past three years.  During this time I have experienced excruciating pain in my lower back, left leg and foot.  On a good day, the left leg and foot were numb.  I sought relief from an osteopath and a nerve specialist.  I was given muscle relaxants and pain killers, but these provided only temporary relief.  Finally, I was advised to pursue a surgical “cure.”  At this point, I heeded the advice of friends and former patients to try the chiropractic approach.

Although my first experience with chiropractic was not a complete success, initially I did receive some pain relief.  Eventually, I found my way to the Wantagh Woods Chiropractic office.  At that time I was again suffering from pain so severe that I was bedridden.  X-rays revealed not only the sciatica, but also mild scoliosis in the upper spine.  Treatments began at four times a week, then reduced to three.  I was given stretches for both the upper and lower spine, and I was taught how to sleep, stand, sit, bend and lift in a manner that was healthy for the spine.  Within two weeks I was basically pain-free.  After three months, I am adjusted twice weekly and I have resumed a moderate exercise plan.

Kelley S.


I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the neck and shoulders by my G.P. at the age of 32.  The anti-inflammatory drugs that were prescribed didn’t work to relieve the pain but played havoc on my stomach.  Over the years, the episodes of pain were coming more frequently and lasting anywhere from 3 to 5 days.  During this time I was bedridden, relying on a heating pad and aspirin –12 to 15 a day.  Life was not fun!  As a matter of fact, it was passing me by with the pain causing me to curtail most of my physical activities – especially ocean swimming and gardening, my favorite pastimes.  Here I was, 43 years old, the mother of three teenagers, feeling lousy most of the time.  At that time my husband was being treated by a chiropractor for an old back injury and brought home a pamphlet about arthritis and chiropractic.  Although I was terrified, I knew I had to do something to help myself, and so I made an appointment.  I was x-rayed and diagnosed with arthritis of the cervical spine.  After 6 months of three weekly appointments I was finally pain-free after 11 years of misery.

Because arthritis is worsened by stress and tension, a  vitamin regimen was suggested to build up the fighting capabilities of my body.  It’s 10 years now that I’ve been getting chiropractic treatment and I can’t imagine my life without it.  The fatigue, muscular spasms and excruciating pain are a thing of the past.  I am able to swim,  garden to my heart’s content and best of all, pick up my grandchildren for hugs and kisses.

-Emily M.

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